Chasing Down Madison Brown

Chasing Down Madison Brown is a travel based show on RFD-TV where Madison weekly chases down the best food, people, and farms in the country. The show is based on her childhood spent out on tour with her dad, Mark Miller aka the lead singer for country rock band Sawyer Brown. Her unique upbringing has inspired a passion for adventure, food, and a love of showing off all things Americana.

From NASCAR pit crew school to catfish farms in Alabama, the shores of Hawaii to Iowa pig farms, to everything in between, you never know what she’ll be doing, who she’ll meet, or what’s on the menu when you chase down Madison Brown.

Chasing Down Madison Brown airs on RFD-TV

Thursdays 9PM ET | 8PM CT | 7PM MT | 6PM PT

Saturdays 4PM ET | 3PM CT | 2PM MT | 1PM PT


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